As an independent company, Kinbee are passionate about providing bespoke consultancy and accredited training on innovative practice and core skills for individuals and organisations working with co-occuring complex needs and substance misuse. 

Our team are a handpicked group of dynamic and multi-disciplinary professionals who are all passionate about providing the right support for practitioners and organisations working with people experiencing complex and co-occurring needs.  All of our Trainers, Consultants and Assessors have direct experience within a range of sectors including substance misuse, mental health, housing, family interventions, criminal justice and education.  Kinbee only collaborates with those who can deliver with real credibility, professionalism and expertise in their specialism.

Kinbee understand the broad skills, knowledge, confidence and attitudes that are required to deliver excellence as professionals, therefore it is essential that we offer a range of personal and professional development activities that supports the whole organisation.   

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 I evaluated a youth enterprise project driven and delivered by Sarah. I was there to focus on the social impact delivered by the project for its stakeholders but was consistently impressed by Sarah's unrelenting determination to deliver on every single aspect of the project. Her determination and insistence upon success ensured the project did indeed deliver on all fronts - her project management and stakeholder engagement skills, understanding of enterprise in the digital age, ability to mentor the mentors and keen focus on value for money were all exceptional.

Nicola Lynch

Business Owner & Consultant

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