coaching & mentoring

coaching & mentoring

One of the most important skills that a leader can have, that will elevate them, their team and their business to become highly effective…is their ability to coach others.

Why is improving your coaching and mentoring skills important? 

During challenging times, or even when your business or organisation is thriving, your ability to coach people within the team is crucial. It is important that a manager encourages, guides and supports individuals to improve the overall team’s performance. To be effective in this role, every manager must have a strong presence and first-class coaching skills.  

What is the purpose of developing coaching and mentoring skills? 

The key priority must be to set aside time to support and develop the very people who are critical to your future success.  Kinbee wholeheartedly believes that your team members are your biggest business asset and the right culture within an organisation is crucial for success.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? 

Mentoring involves an experienced individual advising and showing a less experienced individual what and how to do something. Whereas coaching on the other hand, usually has a time scale, is more structured in its approach and is specific to an employee’s needs. It also enables individuals to focus on developing their own goals.

What would be the benefits of enrolling on one of Kinbee’s coaching and mentoring programmes?

There are numerous benefits of completing a programme with us at Kinbee. Not only would you gain a fully recognised qualification, but you will also have the opportunity to further develop your transferable skills, which will be a fantastic asset for you and your employer.

Kinbee has an array of qualifications available to meet the needs of individual managers accredited by ILM Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications. Full range of courses here.

ILM Level 2
The Impactful Mentor programme

Are you building a team? 


Does your team need more success?


Kinbee will help you to ignite aspiration in your team by giving you the tools to guide and support individuals to reach their full potential.

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Are you a leading a team?


Do you need to develop performance or productivity?


Kinbee will help you to establish your own personal coaching style by giving you the practical skills, tools and techniques which will make you more effective, and build success.

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The Influential Coach programme

Have you been thinking about growing your own business?

Are you unsure how to protect you, your business & your clients?


Kinbee has created a brand new 90 day programme to bring you the knowledge, skills and 'Done-For-You' policies and procedures needed to build a solid business infrastructure

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Coaching & Mentoring BuILD

Co-Founder Charlotte has been mentoring business owners and operational directors for over twenty years. Using a unique combination of skills, knowledge, formal education and extensive experience, Kinbee uses a signature system that follows a 6-step pathway to help you identify, develop, implement and evaluate what is needed to build sustainability and growth - demonstrating a continuous commitment towards creating a Culture of Excellence.


Specialised in supporting community-based organisations, if you would like to arrange a free 30min call to discuss your support need and how we can help you create a quality assurance or workforce development strategy, you can get in touch here

“To educate and inspire someone, you must first be educated and inspired” Charlotte, Kinbee