entrepreneurship & enterprise

entrepreneurship & enterprise

           We are all born with unlimited potential and as we grow older, our life experiences create barriers that can limit us.  Allowing yourself to be creative and thinking like an entrepreneur, is partly about removing those barriers, the exciting part is the rest can be learnt!

We have some incredible support available which can guide you on your journey to success. Whether you are a new in business, just starting out or want to grow an already established business, we have a diverse set of skills, knowledge and experiences to help; based on over forty years of experience in leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship.

Sarah and Charlotte are passionate about using their successes and failures to offer effective business support and mentoring so that you have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to guide you in your service-based business.

For New and Aspiring
Business Owners
For Established Organisations

Are you a budding entrepreneur?

Are you in the process of starting your own business? 


Or not sure where to start?

Kinbee will help and support you to make sure that you have the skills, resilience and plans in place to move forward with your ideas.  A multi-disciplined team will provide you with the training, mentoring and business support to build the business that is solid, robust and has the protections in place to deliver excellence.

* Find out about out 12 session structure business mentoring programme that helps your help you Grow, Thrive & Succeed Project BuILD...click here

Are you ready to grow and scale your already successful business? 


Have some big plans but need to make sure they are solid and robust?


Kinbee offers bespoke, flexible and individual business support to help your business grow, thrive and succeed. Our goal is to help you identify the risks and hidden harms in your business and provide you with pragmatic solutions that will bring greater authenticity, resilience and ultimately help you stand out as the non-negotiable choice in your niche.

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Co-Founder Charlotte has been mentoring business owners and operational directors for over 20 years. Using a unique combination of skills, knowledge, formal education and extensive experience, Kinbee uses a signature system that follows a 6-step pathway to help identify, develop, implement and evaluate what is needed to build sustainability and growth - demonstrating a continuous commitment towards creating a Culture of Excellence.


Specialised in supporting community-based organisations, if you would like to arrange a free 30min call to discuss your support need and how we can help you create a quality assurance or workforce development strategy, you can get in touch here:

"Creating future entrepreneurs is possible by working with people, giving them the support, guidance and opportunities, to release their creativity and achieve their full potential" Sarah, Kinbee