For over forty years, we have been helping individuals and businesses create professional and operational excellence - we have an amazing ability to spot the risks and hidden harms that may have been previously missed.  Taking a step-by-step approach we work with you to  develop complete clarity around your personal strengths, professional mastery and the operations infrastructure and then create a bespoke package of support unique to you and your business.

Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications

Introduction to Effective Mentoring Skills
Coaching & Mentoring
 Business Development Training

Are you building a team? 


Does your team need more success?


Kinbee will help you to ignite aspiration in your team by giving you the tools to guide and support individuals to reach their full potential.

Are you supporting others in a niche area? 


Are you ready to build new skills?


Kinbee doesn't believe in cookie cutter programmes so  we will help you to establish your own personal coaching style by giving you the practical skills, tools and techniques.

Are you qualified, skilled and ready to build your own business?

Kinbee can help you identify the risks and hidden harms in your business and create effective solutions to build productivity, profitability and a strong reputation as the non-negotiable chose in your niche.

We are passionate about people supporting people! There is nothing more powerful than someone forging strong professional relationships that help to nurture, develop and build a positive mindset that then grow sustainable partnerships, friendships and communities.

Entrepreneurship & Business Support

For New and Aspiring Business Owners
For Established Business Owners

Are you a budding entrepreneur?


Are you ready to build your own business but don't know where to start?


The team at Kinbee have substantial experience in business development; taking individuals from conception, design and implemetation. We will collaborate with you and give you as little or as much support as you need to get up up and started.

You have big plans but need to make sure you are sustainable?


Need some support to identify the risks and hidden harms?


Kinbee specialises in helping service-based businesses improve their productivity, profitablity and reputation by identifying and providing solutions for the risks and hidden harms within their work.

Sarah & Charlotte have been developing the entrepreneurial spirit, leading business growth or strengthening the business infrastructure across a range of specialisms for two decades.  Providing bespoke training and mentoring we will work with your own unique ambitions, learning needs and business ideas to carefully craft a comprehensive and structured training package.  Find out more about the work we have completed here