Over 55’s make that entrepreneurial leap!!

There has been a huge increase in the number of mature entrepreneurs over the last decade…

From successfully owing their own cottage industries to running highly profitable network marketing and franchise related ventures , the over 55’s have proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

Barclays Bank recent survey showed an increase of 63% in the number of over 55’s starting their own businesses; whereas a staggering increase of 140% was seen in the over 65’s venturing on an entrepreneurial journey.

Liz Earle the 54 year old serial entrepreneur who was co- founder of Liz Earle Beauty has been brought in to act as an advisor to Barclays ‘The older generation adds so much value to the work place in any context-bringing a wealth of experience and contacts to the table.’

Kinbee added ’It is crucial that key business skills are embedded from a young age so that every generation has the knowledge and confidence to unleash their true potential. By providing individuals from all backgrounds with the correct support, training and qualifications more and more people will have the ability to make that leap into the world of entrepreneurship.’

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