Sustainability and Young Entrepreneurs

Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2017 ‘collaborating with a new generation of the world’s most brilliant young change-makers’.

I absolutely love this initiative between the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability and Leadership and Unilever. A competition for budding 18-35 entrepreneurs to make a difference to our planet’s future.

Sustainability is key to the future success of our planet, and this innovative entrepreneurship competition is tackling some of the planet’s biggest sustainability challenges with new exciting initiatives, products and services. Previous entries have ranged from developing digital healthcare for female-only medical clinics in Pakistan, to a waste management solution converting kilos of household waste into health insurance in Indonesia.

Unilever and UCISl stated that… ‘the competition is a big opportunity to support, inspire, reward and collaborate with a new generation of the world’s most brilliant young change-makers; innovators who are the future of sustainability’.

The competition is now in its fourth year; it has reached 100 countries, engaged over 2000 people and generated 21 finalists. The winners not only benefit from a comprehensive support package, but they also gain the opportunity to pitch to a final judging panel to win the overall ‘HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize,’ alongside a 50,000 Euro cash award and a tailored yearlong mentoring package to take forward their initiative. Shear genius!

Why did they not have initiatives like this when I was in my teens? I know it was many (many) years ago, but I would have loved such an opportunity. It wasn’t until much later on in my life that I had the chance to take ‘the leap’ into the world of entrepreneurship. However, once taken you never go back. Nearly 73% of one time founders go on to become serial entrepreneurs. I personally fall into that category and I couldn’t be happier!

Once you’ve taken the ‘leap’ and realise that it isn’t as scary as you thought it was going to be, you will only wish that you had jumped earlier. I am a true believer that the only person that stops you from doing things is yourself. I must admit having the right support, knowing where to find help and working with others that have taken the same path as you, really does make the journey a far more fulfilling and enjoyable one.

I hope that this year’s competition attracts a large number of ambitious budding entrepreneu

rs who are willing to do just that! Good luck to them. #kinbee #GrowThriveSucceed #youthpreneur

#youthpreneur #entrepreneur #inspired

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