So much more than a Mum...

By 2025 the mum-economy is expected to be £9.5 billion (USD $12.73 billion).

There are numerous mumpreneur success stories from all over the world and researching for this article has highlighted to me that woman set up businesses for a vast number of reasons: from financial to family; convenience to confidence; to health and happiness. There has been an exponential increase in the number of mothers with babies and young children starting up their own businesses and this has led to quite staggering statistics being bounced around.

It is estimated that in 2015 the UK mum-economy from mum-run- businesses was £7 billion (USD $9.4 billion). It is projected that by 2025 the mum-economy is expected to be £9.5 billion (USD $12.73 billion). This is as reported by the economic think tank Development Economics, which was commissioned by eBay. That means the number of success stories within those numbers are huge.

So, do all these budding ‘mumpreneurs’ have the help, support and training that they need to ensure that they can reach their full potential? Well I truly hope so. Taking the leap and setting up on your own is daunting. I know I have been there! Some of the ‘mum economy’ cohort that is represented in the statistics quoted above, will of course include woman that come from a businesses educated background. But, what about for instance, those ‘young mothers’ (teenage mums) who want to build a future for their family.

Have they got the business skills to go with the drive and burning desire they have to become their own boss?

Recently, I was ‘having my eyebrows shaped’ by a local young beautician (who has just opened up her own salon) and I asked her if she had been given any business support to set up and did she know the financial bursaries available to her? ‘No’ she replied quite matter of fact ‘I just saved up’.

So it comes back to education. Embedding enterprise at primary and secondary level is key to future success for our mumpreneurs of the future.

If Kinbee can continue to work with the young mumpreneurs of the future, and help them on the road to success, then our reason for setting up Kinbee has been ticked!! # kinbeemakingadifference # youngmumpreneursofthefuure

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