5 signs its time to re-assess your work/life balance


Despite the recent increase in awareness and understanding around mental health and wellbeing, we still have a long way to go to ensure individuals affected are having the right support. It is estimated that 100% of the population has mental health…but many people will experience stress, panic and anxiety at some point in our lives…but is our lack of work/ life balance impacting our mental health and wellbeing?

So, do you have it sussed or are you part of the 40+% who are prioritising work before your ‘life’?

1. Your office has become your home

Are you staying late? Are you eating breakfast and lunch in work? Is your drawer full of food, cutlery, makeup, a toothbrush, plates etc. then you might want to consider how much time you are working.

There will ALWAYS be work that needs finishing but you have to ask yourself are the extra hours actually making you more productive?

2. You are cancelling plans

It is estimated that more than a quarter of single people said they felt the pressure to work overtime at weekends, whilst more than half of working parents felt the need to work evenings when at home. Whilst sometimes there are important tasks that may need extra attention it is crucial that these are limited.

Don’t miss anything…you can’t be forgiven for missing your best friend’s wedding or your child’s school concert or any event that can’t or won’t be replayed.

3. Your relationships are suffering

Work friendships can be strong and are a huge positive when it comes to an ensuring mental resilience and wellbeing but when your partner and friends start to comment they don’t see you any more, it is worth considering are you in the office too much?

Some tell-tale signs can be if you are exhausted or distracted even when you are home? Do you find yourself checking your phone when you should be reading your children bedtime stories? If so it’s time to implement some changes.

4. You are using other substances to survive on

If you are working long hours and working through your lunch then I bet you are not fuelling yourself properly. Whether you are drinking too much caffeine (that makes you ‘wired’) or too many sugary foods (which can lead to a brain crash) both substances can make you more unproductive I the long run. Top performers work for no more than 60mins then take a short break and understand the need to fuel their body and brains properly. Bring nutritional snacks and always have a bottle of water next to you and limit the amount of tea and coffee you are consuming. If you are tired, rest and take a break to recharge.

5. Your health and happiness is suffering

Most people who have a good work/ life balance understand the importance of prioritising their health and happiness. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition and not getting enough exercise are all signs that your health is suffering and the impact on poor physical health has an even bigger impact on our mental wellbeing and productivity. At the very least, take a break and go for a walk at lunch or sit somewhere away from your desk or take pleasure in the small things that make you smile…take time to take some ‘down time’ and recharge those brain cells.

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