No Excuses!

• 5 EXCUSES YOU'RE USING TO NOT CHASE YOUR DREAMS • It's not rocket science to know that people have different dreams and that success has a different meaning to everyone, but it seems that people always have the same reasons why they can't do it. If you are someone who has always wanted to follow their passion but didn't quite get around to it, then maybe here are some of the answers? 1. I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Every leader I have worked with has at some point question their ability to do the job! Even those who ooze confidence! Trust me. This is a tricky one to conquer however it often stems from something deep inside you; a lack of self-belief because you haven't done it before, a lack of confidence because you don't have the knowledge, a fear of messing up. And making the wrong's the thing, no one knows everything, we live in a world where you can learn anything at the tap of your finger. Study the subject, study the skill, study yourself, make the mistakes and learn from them...just don't let self-doubt hold you back. NO EXCUSE! 2. I DON'T HAVE THE TIME. Make the time! Everyone I know who is successful started their business with limited time. What are you willing to spend your time on this week? I can guarantee if you recorded your activity for a week you would see 10's of hours wasted! Activities and time that are being prioritised over building your dreams. Be willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains and I promise you, you have the time if you want it badly enough. NO EXCUSE! 3. I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. We have never lived in a time where there is more opportunity to live your dreams.... A world where someone with no money can become a millionaire. There are plenty of opportunities to make money that can either fund a bigger dream or could help you live your passion. Invest in a good business coach who can help you plan and identify funding options, look for alternative opportunities that can help build a residual income alongside the day job...after all 'profits are better than wages. Kinbee started with a small affordable amount but we saw profit within a few months! NO EXCUSE! 4. I'M WORRIED ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY ABOUT ME. Too many people worry about what other's think, say or feel about may be harsh but WHO CARES! People are usually too busy living their own lives to worry about you and whilst there may be initial commentary most people will not have the time and energy to care about what you are doing. For those people who judge you for chasing your dreams then in all honesty these are not the people you want in your life and if there is no choice its time to show them what you are made of and make them talk about all your amazing achievements! NO EXCUSE! 5. I'M SCARED OF FAILURE. It's common knowledge now that success doesn't come without failure so to chase your passion means accepting that failure is inevitable! So, embrace it and learn, learn, learn! Use your knowledge, skills, experiences to really think carefully about what you want to do and start small…really think carefully about what you know you can do and build on these and find an amazing team to support you with those areas that you don’t feel so confident e.g. if you need business planning advise find a business mentor, if you need support with finances find an accountant, if you need help finding your USP then find a marketing specialist….there is literally no excuses for your fear getting in the way! I bet if you are ready this then enough time has passed where you have found one or more of these excuses so why waste any more time when you can build a plan and chase those dreams of yours!

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