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The coaching and mentoring industry is growing and fast. It is estimated to be a $2 billion industry within the coming years however 90% of coaches are still struggling! Where is all the money going? And to who??

The coaching and mentoring industry is growing and fast. It is estimated to be a $2 billion industry within the coming years It's a well know fact that the industry is largely made up of coaches coaching coaches and what we are seeing is more and more bad practice being passed down It makes me both equally curious and mad! Coaches who are 'making' six-figure businesses but aren't really. Coaches who are 'smashing' their personal goals but aren't really. Coaches who are sharing their laptop lifestyle but aren't really living one. Cynical?? Yes probably but also really fed up!! How are new coaches meant to learn best practice and how to make sure they are not doing any damage to those they work with?? How are coaches meant to build a house of bricks that is sustainable and meant to withstand the wolf?? We are taught sales funnels and how to grow an audience but what happens when the winds change?? The house falls down!! The business crumbles around you. Here are the five dimensions you need to know to keep you, your clients and your practice in safe in an unregulated industry: It is about your PASSION. We all know that you have to work on yourself to determine how far you go in your coaching business. It is about your POWER. What tools, methodology and expertise do you have that will create change in your clients life. It is about your PLANNING. A house of bricks knows that the winds are coming, that protections and safeguards are needed for when the winds change. It is about your PERFORMANCE. Building a strong reputation as someone credible and professional takes time. This is always underestimated and coaches take for granted its importance. It is about your PRODUCTIVITY. Too many coaches rely on client feedback to measure their impact but very rarely does this actual demonstrate your impact! After investing years into my own practice and testing these dimensions, I have carefully crafted a personal development and professional mastery platform that will show you how to implement these principles. They are simple to learn and implement and best of all we have created a Quality Mark that will showcase your dedication to creating a culture of excellence... after all quality matters! This platform will help you grow as a person, develop professional mastery building a Game Changing Business and help you build the necessary safeguarding measures needed to protect you, those you work with and your business in an unregulated industry.

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