December 5, 2018

The coaching and mentoring industry is growing and fast. It is estimated to be a $2 billion industry within the coming years however 90% of coaches are still struggling!

Where is all the money going? And to who??

The coaching and mentoring industry is growing and fast....

September 17, 2018

Malpractice can only happen to Doctors, Lawyers and Educators? Wrong!

Professional malpractice occurs when a professional and the person claiming, has been physically or psychologically injured by poor practice.  This article is going to address some of the issues that...

February 21, 2018


It's not rocket science to know that people have different dreams and that success has a different meaning to everyone, but it seems that people always have the same reasons why they can't do it. If you are someone w...

February 14, 2018

The right culture has a huge impact on employee well-being and motivation and in-turn company productivity and performance. According to a “Toxic Workers” study published by Harvard University, employees who engage in poor performance and inappropriate behaviour can se...

January 31, 2018

Strong emotional resilience is something that everyone should aim to build in themselves and their children, but how do we achieve it?

Experiences, circumstances and genetics all play a part in how we deal with challenging and difficult times.  Sometimes we unintentiona...

January 24, 2018


Despite the recent increase in awareness and understanding around mental health and wellbeing, we still have a long way to go to ensure individuals affected are having the right support. It is estimated that 100% of the population has mental health…bu...

January 17, 2018


Running a business, leading a team, working your finances, managing a project it can be exhausting, so taking note of your health and those who are supporting you is essential to maintain your business strategy and to make sure it adds value and is su...

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