Personal & Professional Development

Personal & Professional Development

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

           Leading a team isn’t an easy job. Having to steer a group of multi-skilled people on the same pathway to success takes a lot of skill and talent and Kinbee can give you the correct guidance, support and qualifications to become outstanding.

CIPD (2019) identified that:

58% of employees want to ‘learn at their own pace’ and 49% requesting learning at ‘point of need’ outside of the structured training day.


Our own research identified that teams often lack the resources they needed to update their practice and they lacked the time to complete meaningful training and reflective practice in the working week - leading to burn out, compassion fatigue and shortfalls within the delivering excellence.  Kinbee can support you to create a flexible and safe space for personal and professional growth that can be accessed by via a blended approach of online and offline delivery.  

Previous results include:

  • Reduction in burnout rates, improving staff retention and reducing staff sickness.

  • Recognising secondary trauma and transference and offering more effective support and therefore better service user and peer support.

  • Reducing mediocrity by providing up to date best practice Increasing confidence in practice and enabling people to know they can learn from experience when things go wrong.

Based on direct experience our team understands the extent of these issues, behaviours and harms that service users experience and the importance of embedding appropriate psychologically/ trauma informed environments and psychosocial interventions into the work that they do to improve the impact of their support.   We offer different packages to suit the size of your team and depths of your pocket!

LEVEL 3: Bronze
LEVEL 5: Silver
LEVEL 7: Gold

With our bronze package one of our team, who will support you with:

1.    A personal consultation to discuss your business needs

2.   Complete a full skills gap analysis for your organisational team

3.   A comprehensive report that outlines recommendations

Our silver package moves your team further into the personal and professional development journey and includes:

4.    A broad organisation action plan for your professional development

5.    Series of training events to embed your action plan across departments

Our gold package completes the first step of your continuous professional development (CPD) journey, by finalising:

6.    A specifically targeted training and qualifications plan

7.   The production of your own bespoke 'Workforce Development Strategy' and '3 Year Action Plan'

Specialising in supporting community-based organisations with their Workforce Development, we can adapt our packages to suit your business needs.  To arrange a free 30min consultation to start your business continuous professional development journey, please contact  

"Life as a leader begins the day you realise you are a learner" Charlotte, Kinbee